When In Rome

February 13, 2009 at 6:57 pm (1) ()

The Faith of the Romans is being reported all over the world, which is kind of cool, because they’re Romans, and they certainly did not love God before Christ. They loved Caeser. But now … here they are.

Paul really wants to go visit the Romans. He wants the Romans to see his faith, and he wants to see there’s, and he wants to learn from each other. With God as his witness, they are in his prayers all the time. He loves them. Beautiful. He wants to live in a community of communities with… Romans. And he openly admits that he has a lot to learn about faith in Christ from them.

Paul seems to show a particular fascination with what he is referring to right now as Gentiles. These Gentiles are people who are showing remarkable faith in Christ, but were not Jewish before, and as a result they have next to no understanding of levitical law. So he’s not saying the Romans are gentiles because they don’t have faith. They actually have a lot of faith, and he can learn from them. And he says the Righteous will live by faith. So what you need to be righteous is to be faithful to Christ, and HIS righteousness can then be lived in your life.

However, Paul goes on to talk about God and how He makes it clear to people what is right and what is wrong, and still some people ignore it, even though they know it. He’s speaking directly about creating idols and worshipping them still.

For me, worshipping idols means worshipping what each idol represents, not the figures themselves. Example, Mammon is greed and riches and selfishness. Not a little gremlin lookin dude with a brown sack of cash.

These idols they’re worshipping are Pagan gods. Things like … money and sex and weather and all the crazy stuff people worship as gods. By worshipping the things they represent, and they give in to them. Sex. Money. Things that distance them from the kingdom of God. Paul says they exchanged the Truth of God for the Lie of these idols. The Truth being that the promises God makes can actually be delivered on. Lust and Money promise us happiness that they can’t deliver.

Paul says that when the Romans acknowledge the existence of God but push him away in their actions, God doesn’t abandon them … he’s given them the choice, and when they choose the other, he hands them off.

God even has a hand in the action that we take when we ignore him.

This is now the section of Romans that talks about homosexuality, and in context it makes a lot of sense. Its referring to some of the Romans not as being in LOVE with the same sex, but as being inflamed with Lust for one another. Lustful sex is just another idol for people to worship. That’s all.

Paul is being very clear about something in this Chapter. He’s saying one of the worst things you can do to YOURSELF, is to know God but ignore him. When we decide to take the right path, God helps us to live in recognition that we are part of the kingdom of God and we can live for everything that means. If we decide not to, then God hands us over to the lifestyle we choose, including all the circumstances that come out of it. This is why faith in Christ is so important, because anything that is true and happy and good comes from Him …. and Christ has faith in us to believe Him.

Its not one of the worst things you can do to God. Nothing you can do to God will make him any less than he already is. We don’t have that kind of power. He’s always doing this for us.

God is both Holy … and here with us. In us. To let him work through us is a prayer we should all pray.

I’m not saying its easy. I don’t understand any of it really. And that we don’t get distracted by the world and that we don’t forget all about the spirit living inside of us. Its hard every day. But lets try together.


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