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March 4, 2009 at 6:15 pm (1) ()


The things Jesus taught to live by are obviously profound in more ways than anyone could figure out in a life time … but I think Paul is saying that they’re not necessarily the whole point. I sometimes distance myself from the actual person of Christ. The Jesus that is alive and moving in the world today. And that’s important because we need Him here now or else we’re nothing. We’re just living, not filled with life. Denying that Jesus is living inside of us is denying what it means to be human.

We know that righteousness … anything we do that is right … can only be upheld by faith, because the only things that we do right … come directly from God, so we have to believe in Him for that to be true. It is God’s righteousness within us. We have learned that righteousness comes out of faith, so does God’s righteousness come from faith as well?

In this chapter, Paul starts talking about “God’s Faithfulness” as something that is very real. So what does God place His faith in?

When we are shaken in our faith, when we lose site of God working through us in our lives, do we lose God entirely? 

I think maybe instead of believing that our road to righteousness starts with our faith in God … maybe it starts with God’s faith in us to believe in Him.

Have you ever been asked to prove that God exists? It just occurred to me that no one has actually just … asked me that question. I think its maybe because everyone knows that I can’t. No one can. But it doesn’t matter because you feel it like you feel Love. There’s no way of proving love exists the way I understand that it does … but I know it does. That’s how I know God is real. And not just a figment of my imagination. I feel Him.

God’s Love is a very real example of His faith in us. And this is what a lot of people don’t really get about love.

God, in all his infinite power, in all his infinite wisdom and justice and mercy … why doesn’t he just make every one Love Him? Why doesn’t he just reach into the world and fix it? Wouldn’t that just solve everything?

The truth is, and we know this about love, is that it can’t be forced. It can never be forced. If its forced, it isn’t love. And faith is putting the ball in the other person’s court. When I told my girlfriend that I love her for the first time, I left it up to her. The beautiful part is that I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ever. For the rest of my life.

There is no greater gift, there is no greater expression of God’s love, than forgiving us our sins by punishing Himself, and then putting His faith in us that we might choose to believe in Him. That is the essence of God’s Love. Jesus was murdered because He loves us so much, and He wants us to love Him in return. 

So when Paul goes on to talk about the Law of the old testament, it makes sense that he would tell us that abiding by the law does not make us righteous. Being aware of the Law only makes us aware of our sin, which we are forgiven of.

It is not our faith in the law that saves us, it is our faith in God, but the glorious gift of it is that God has put the ball in our court. He’s given us, in His faith, the most undeniable and incomparable expression of love, and now its up to us to put our faith in His existence, along with everything that implies.

It starts to dawn on you … How could you not believe?

And this doesn’t mean that we just forget about the law. Jesus told us that we should live out every pen stroke of the law until heaven and earth disappear. Jesus shows us how to live, and that it is the best life. The most heartbreakingly beautiful life that we could possibly live. But in Romans, we read that it wasn’t His teachings that saved us from our sin. The same way rabbinical law makes us aware of our sin, the extended law of Jesus Christ does the same. The thing that DOES save us from ourselves is our own belief in His presence. Believing that He lived, and that He was God.

There is only one God that is lord of everyone. Whether we follow the law or not, He is our God. And He loves us with all that He is. Which is everything. God is waiting for us. God wants us to love Him so badly. And the only way that we can love God, is if God leaves it up to us. Which He has. I choose Him.


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  1. beth koudys said,

    i love how you didnt finish that story of when you first told me that you loved me 😛 its a very good example of God’s love for us he gives us his love unassuming and unconditional and many times we turn him down:P but it is a beautiful thing when we realize that love and return it 🙂

    but on a more serious note i completely resonate with this. One of the things that will constantly throw me into a state of complete awe is his never failing love for us and his patience. I cannot begin to imagine the sorrow he feels for all those that hate him and turn away from him, could you imagine if i had done that to you? and then times that by millions? and yet he still came and sacrificed his son so that again… he acts first and gives us such an amazing gift
    His constant grace and mercy never ceases to warm my heart and allow me to rejoice in the beauty that is our God!

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