March 31, 2009 at 11:30 am (1)

Maybe its because I’m a human, but most of the time I like to think of things in opposites. However, this is generally pretty easy to do, because even the things that I now believe God has given us, we define ourselves.

We have our own definition of Beauty.
We have our own definition of Truth.
We have our own definition of Love.

Its easy to think of these things in relation to their opposites, because realistically, thats actually how we’ve defined them for ourselves. To us, these things only EXIST to us in relation to their opposites.

Beautiful is the opposite of Ugly. Good is the opposite of Bad. True is the opposite of Untrue.

I am here to tell you that these definitions are not only wrong, they’re useless.

Its always important for the answers to questions to lead to more questions. As soon as we think we have all the answers, we might as well be dead. I honestly believe that.

I’ll start with beauty. If someone were to ask me what it is, all I’d be able to tell them is what its not.

Which is a lot of things. Many of which people will tell you it is.

“Its … the opposite of ____.”

Then they would hopefully, for my sake, ask me why? Why do so many people define it that way.

I would probably say, because its easy to grasp.

Beauty, like many other big concepts, is just one of those things we never actually understand. Why is it that to one person, the sunset will bring them to tears? Yet for another, its just a symbol of the coming darkness?

Beauty just became its own opposite.

So I guess the next question … then … is it relative? Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

Yes and No. I would agree in saying that we do perceive beauty in different things from person to person, but I can’t believe that Beauty is relative. If beauty is relative, that leaves everything up for grabs. Little boys were beautiful to Gordon Northcott in a way that they shouldn’t be. It would mean that everything is beautiful (which it obviously isn’t). And when everything is beautiful, nothing is. Because we’ve come to an answer. And I’ve already told you what I think about coming to final answers.

This is the point where people either get really mad at me, because I’m basically implying that some people are wrong (I know, God forbid). Or people get so upset that they don’t understand what the hell is going on that they give up.

That’s what I did in my grade 12 English class anyway, when my teacher tried to tell me that Truth is not relative. Yes, somebody actually tried to teach me this in school (He is a Christian).

The idea of Truth is a brilliant thing for many reasons, one being that it can be applied directly to our ideas of Beauty. The constant human search for beauty is equalled by our yearning for truth.

What is truth? I’ll make this one quick.

I have absolutely no idea.

So NOW what have I done? I have told you that Beauty is NOT just in eye of the beholder, and that Truth is NOT relative. You must think I’m an ass hole. I’m not, though.

I’m not, because I think beauty still exists I just think that some things suck and aren’t Beautiful. And I think Truth exists, I just think some things suck and aren’t true.

I am simply writing this to tell you that the beauty of the world is rooted in the fact that some things are beautiful and some things aren’t, because that’s just the way things are. And the hope is that someday, the world will be put to rights.

I refuse to believe that Cancer is at all what God intended for anyone. I refuse to believe that Genocide is at all what God intended for anyone. I refuse to believe that Rape is at all what God intended for anyone.

Today I’m talking about the tree Jesus died on, and the tree that we died on.

In the beginning, there was a tree in a garden that some naked people ate from and they weren’t supposed to. God told the naked people not to eat from the tree.

Eating from the tree is evil. So don’t.

But they did.

The question I’m about to ask has been asked before, and it will never be answered really, which is okay. As we now know, I kind of like that.

The question is, Why did God put the tree in the garden at all?

This is my answer lately.

God could have not put the tree in the Garden at all, but we would have been trapped. A God that brings people out of Egypt does not trap people.
The other option, the one that God took, was to put the tree in the garden, leaving us with two more options …. either we’re going to eat from it, or not. We’re either going to listen to God, or we’re going to ignore Him, thus deeming it the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.

And God knew we would eat from it, didn’t He? He knew putting it there meant that we, as Humans, broken and beautiful, would eat from it.

Either he took option one and trapped us, or he took option two and … condemned us?

And this is where I come to my point.


Hope is the point.

God didn’t condemn us so much as he gave us a choice.

Right from the beginning! You can see Jesus in the Bible in Genesis.

Beautiful. Creation, this world we live in, the life we live, it IS a beautiful thing.

In all its brokenness and sadness and wrongness. God loves us. And His heart breaks for all of those things.

When Jesus died for us, God’s heart broke.

God loves us that much though.

The perfection of God’s creation and love lies in His willingness to set us free both through the tree that we died on in Genesis, and through the tree that Jesus died on in the Gospels.

And what separates Christianity from other beliefs? Its hope.

I would have to agree that, if there was no hope, I would choose not to live.

Why am I a Christian? Because God loves me so much that he allowed me to believe otherwise. And He died for that. And He died for me. And the beauty in the world today lies in all the things that AREN’T Beautiful, because they point towards a better tomorrow. They give me a reason to wake up in the morning.

Praise God, I guess. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing while I’m here.


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