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April 29, 2009 at 8:39 pm (1)

TogetherI really like the very end of Matthew. The Gospel ends with Jesus finally just saying to his disciples … “do you get it now? They way I’ve lived, and the things I’ve done … everyone should be living this way.”

Acts starts with Jesus, as most great things do. Jesus explains to them, seemingly quite passively, that he’s leaving them. He says that someday He will return, but its not for us to know when. That it is our job to wait, and live the life we were created to live.

There’s something incredibly beautiful in that. At the end of the day, its not our job to focus too hard on the future. Its not our roll in this story to preoccupy ourselves with the things that we have no control over. Its our job to just live this glorious life we’ve been given together.


This is what Acts is about in a lot of ways, which is why I think its been hitting me so hard lately. I never really feel all that lonely, and I’m never really all that isolated from the people around me, but I have been before, and its terrible. There’s this huge aspect of togetherness in Acts that’s just so empowering. It really makes you feel like the way things are run economically and politically in the world today really are wrong, and that a better way not only exists, but its possible.

This huge group of people are sold out on Christ. They completely devote themselves to the apostles teachings. They devote their lives to the memory of the life that Christ lived. They devote themselves to prayer, whatever that looks like to them. And I think my favourite one has to be that they devoted themselves to fellowship, because it encompasses all the other ones.

They devoted themselves to doing all these things … together.

The glorious happiness! They broke their binds to material wealth, and gave up anything they had if someone else needed it more, I’m sure partially in the knowledge that anyone else would be happy to do it for them if they needed something.

Talk about a stimulus package … “Just give everything away.”

This is what I want to do. I want to live in a house in an area that needs God a lot and I want to live there with a whole bunch of people. I want us all to share the things we have. Our money, our possessions, our food, our time … everything. I want us to eat meals together as often as we possibly can, because I think that’s what happy families do. I want us to worship God in creative and exciting ways. I want us to live in constant bittersweet recognition and reverence of a God that died a painful death for our redemption. I want to only make enough money to live, and if I make more, then its not mine. I want us to be ministers of the Gospel, and use our words sometimes. I want truth to be our key demographic.

I have a story that’s sort of a testimony to why I’m not going back to school. A friend of mine and I, a really great guy, were talking about being a Christian, and how he grew up Christian, and how he never goes to Church on Sunday mornings anymore because he has to work to get the money for school, and he needs the money for school so he can graduate and get his degree, so he can take that degree and go get himself another degree, so he can teach at a University, because that’s how you know you’ve achieved a happy life, when you’ve done all of these things completely independently (he didn’t quite phrase it that way. I know. I’m brimming with bias). Then he said something that broke my heart.

“I don’t know how you go to Church so much, man. I just don’t have time for God.”

Everyone wants to live exciting lives, don’t they? We all want to live without fear. We all want to run fast and jump high and sing loud. What’s more exciting than this? Freeing yourself from all these overrated things … money, vanity, independence … and completely relying on God for everything.

My point is, God IS your everyday life, whether you like it or not. I go days at a time without reading my Bible (gasp!) and I even go night after night without saying my bedtime prayers (gasp GASP!). If you don’t feel like reading your Bible, it doesn’t tell me that you don’t love God as much as the next person, and it DEFINITELY doesn’t mean that God loves you any less. If God needed you to read your Bible as an expression of love for Him, than he wouldn’t be God, because if He was hungry, he wouldn’t tell us, because the world is His and all it contains.

If we really needed to memorize our new testament to be Christians, then none of the first Christians were Christians at all, because they didn’t have a new testament.

Also, most of them couldn’t read.

… God provides. Did you know this? All God cares about is that we try our best to live like Jesus, and then God will provide everything else that we need.

We won’t be rich. We won’t be fat. We won’t be famous.

We’ll be alive.

I know its a paradox, I know it doesn’t seem to make any sense at all. We need to give up the things that we think we hold dear in our lives, so we can gain the life that we will never want to let go of. We’ve learned that the sales pitch of Christianity is … you might die, or sometimes you might wish you were dead … you’ll suck at this whole life thing, but you’ll be drawn back into it, because you know the journey and the struggle is what makes you human, and honestly, that makes you way cooler and more artsy than anything else in this life … you’ll get hurt, you’ll be persecuted, you’ll be terribly offended …

.. but you’ll live the grace-filled, loving life that you were created to live. And you’ll never be lonely again, because God walks with you everywhere you go.

What’s more exciting than that?


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  1. beth koudys said,

    beautiful, just beautiful.

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