A Little Bird Told Me

May 4, 2009 at 5:13 pm (1)

This should be interesting. I’m using a writers block stopper that makes it so that if you stop typing for even a second, it starts to delete everything that you’ve written. Which would suck, I guess. I’m not really sure why, because I’m not really sure what I’ll be writing about anyways. I just saw the link and decided that I’d try it and see where it gets me.

I got twitter recently. I’m fascinated by it. I was definitely that person that thought twitter was lame and self centred and dumb or whatever, because it really is just an entire site dedicated to a facebook status. And it got even better when you could link the two together, as in you could make your twitter and your facebook status exactly the same thing. It seemed kind of pointless to me, and then I realize the carrying power that twitter has over facebook, and it showed me why a site like twitter grew 4 times faster than facebook.

4 times faster than FACEBOOK. Do you remember how fast facebook grew? that’s ridiculous.

Basically what happened was I was frusterated with myself for sucking at doing things. So I made my facebook status “Dear God, perhaps if you joined twitter, you’d be easier to follow.” (A line that I have to admit I stole from Naked Pastor, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious.)

Basically what happened was that somebody retweeted me before I had twitter. And it went really far. Like … intercontinental far. And all of a sudden people were interested in what I had to say. As a musician, that could be crazy beneficial. And as lame as it sounds, and as untrue is it may even be, I felt like if I had an idea, I could express it, and people would give a crap. Not like this blog … haha?

But yeah. I caved. I got twitter. I KNOW. I’m that guy. But its actually pretty sweet. I only see the people I want to follow, so I tend to avoid people who’s tweets consist of “I’m taking a dump now!” or “Today, I will go to school, then work, then sleep.” or even just ” =) ”

I’ve started following really smart people, like Brad, and James Shelley, and Leonard Sweet and Naked Pastor and even Richard Dawkins … some his are kind of interesting. I also get to follow some of my favourite musicians…

Its a whole different world than facebook, and I thought it would be exactly the same, just less, and more narcissistic (if that’s even possible).

You know those times when you go … man that’s really profound … I wish I had a notebook to write that down.

Now instead of worrying about, I Just text it. And not only do I have it “written down” … but I have it Published.

Maybe Twitter isn’t so bad after all …

Anyway, If anyone ever reads this, and if you have twitter, than you can follow me @ justkeeplooking .

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. yuan said,

    i really like your spontaneous thoughts. i am going to look at your twitter now.

  2. Johnny Laird said,

    Gonna follow you on Twitter!

    Grace & peace


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