were our hearts not strangely warmed?

May 16, 2009 at 4:21 pm (1)

This used to hang on my Grandparents wall. Here we are again. I haven’t written for a while, and if there is anybody in the world that actually follows my blog, I suppose I should apologize. So yeah.
I’m sorry?

MAN life is good. Sometimes I can’t even contain myself from grinning ridiculously. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and happier and happier, and it scares me, because as hard as it is in the face of condemnation and persecution, I can’t help but think to myself … wow. This yoke is easy. This burden is light. This truly is life to the full.

This past Monday was an interesting experience. I wrote something trying to subtly explain what went down, but instead, I’ll just leave it at … it was interesting.

At Emmaus, we’ve talked a lot about this idea that … we don’t really know what we believe. We have always said that we are a community accepting of all things and beliefs (to a certain extent, we still say that … ), and that the only reason we do what we do is to spend time with Jesus on what might be the worst day of a lot of people’s weeks (or in any case, the day after … )

I’m not going to tell you that we have changed our minds, and that now we’re exclusive, and its not exciting anymore. That’s just ridiculous. But this past Monday I realized that we really do have, as a group, a very specific set of beliefs that we do not shy away from defending in the least.

For fear of speaking for the whole group, I’ll tell you what I believe … I believe that the blood of Christ washed clean the sins of all people, not just those who ask for it. I believe that we were created to live a certain way, and that Christ demonstrates that in full. I believe that community and fellowship in Christ’s name extends far beyond the walls of the church, and that “loving the sinner, hating the sin” … is a massive cop out, because I’m just as much of screw up as anybody. I believe that Love goes a lot deeper than that, because love means sacrifice, or otherwise just going out of your way, and that sometimes, its just not comfortable. I believe that Christ is Lord and Saviour, and that Love, Grace, and Faith through Him will bring us the peace, life, hope and fulfillment that everyone craves from the deepest pits of their souls.

This is what Emmaus is to me. A place that we can gather to do our best to Love the Lord, and Love each other as ourselves. None of us are perfect. Honestly, most of us suck, but we all have the potential to be amazing. Some of these people love others more than I could ever even dream of, and are only steps away from God meeting them in their life. Some people who have been there Love God with everything inside of them, but have serious, dangerous issues loving others.

I am willing to promise you that God sees past any hymn you badly sing, or any sacramental prayer you mindlessly spit. He looks right into the depths of your heart and sees a desire unquenchable by any earthly thing.

Welcome to my life. These are the things that preoccupy me. The paradox of God being holy and present at the same time enchants me every single day. But I see Him in my friends … and I see Him in my prayers.

Grace and Peace to you.



  1. James Shelley said,

    I’m lovin’ the bits and pieces that I hear about the Emmaus community — sounds like a great thing you have going over there! Keep up the good work.

  2. Theresa said,

    What about at the end? What happens at the end? Are all non-believers going to hell or are we stuck on earth (which might as well be hell for some right yeah?) What? What about the people who just don’t know?? What about people who are lost? What about the millions of other religions? What if there really is only one true ‘God’ that belongs to only one religion. Do only the people from that religion get to go to wherever or whatever that religion defines as ‘after death’? Are all other believers of ‘false’ Gods and non believers sent to that religions ‘hell’ ?? Or will this one true GOD show everyone himself and the real ‘light and life’? Will he even give them options? Is there more then Heaven and Hell? Why is God a man anyways?!

    I like the way you think Alex… and your belief system… Love is the only way.. love and peace is what needs to be spread across the world. Regardless of who a person is, what a person believes and even what a person has done. LOVE. It’s hard to say that now..maybe I wouldn’t say that if someone had murdered my mom or brother or sister… but in a way I think I still would… because hate and angst do no good in this world. But.. in the end aren’t we all just.. lost little people??

  3. Lauren said,

    Love it. I also love people who sing enthousiastically in church, especially when they’re completely tone deaf. I know God loves it, and their hearts too.

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