May 27, 2009 at 11:28 pm (1)

I’m not going to pretend like I know for sure the answers to any of your questions.

I have absolutely no idea what happens when I or anyone else dies, I’ve never died, so I have to way no prove anything to anybody. Everything I talk about in my writing is grounded in my own faith, because in truth I AM a lost little person, just trying to do my best to sort things out. I just know that the three things that are most important to me really are my faith, hope, and love.

My faith encompasses the other two, but isn’t all that matters. I think the faith I have has helped to live my life in a way that is more fulfilling than anything I could have ever imagined. My faith helps me to Hope that someday, whatever ends up happening, may it be now or when I die, I hope, and trust, that God is as awesome and amazing as he’s always been and always will be, and that whatever he has in store for me at the end of the day is what is best.

Love is the most important thing. Love is the only thing that matters because its the only thing that I can actually latch on to. Its the only thing I’m sure of because I see it and feel it every single day. I think without Love, faith or any kind of religion is empty and useless, be you Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Scientologist … whatever. None of it matters at all without love. I think without Love, there’s nothing to Hope for.

I don’t know where I stand on a lot of things, but I don’t think I have to. I think answers are overrated, and that questions are where its at. If I had all the answers, there wouldn’t be much of a reason to wake up in the morning.

Questions are key. Which is why I think a lot people are more Christ-Like than they’re ever willing to admit.



  1. Theresa said,

    The way you write and express yourself is really… I don’t know how to describe it other than it calms me.. I feel a peace even just through your writing when you talk about your faith and your love. Thank you Alex. You’re really amazing and I hope you never change. Love.

  2. Lauren said,

    Hey Alex/Mozart. I like reading your stuff too, and I found your blog linked to Yuan’s. But I’ve got a bit of a question for ya, and its funny because the night I came to Emmaus I think I actually asked, specifically you, the same question.

    If love is the only really important thing, why would it matter which religion I belong to if I practise a loving lifestyle, love God, and try to be a good person? What if I don’t even follow any religion at all, and just try to make peace with the universe? Isn’t there more to it than this?

    • whateverthatmeans said,

      yo thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

      First thing, I don’t think love is the only important thing. I just think its the MOST important. there’s a difference. I have to be honest, if I’ve ever seemed like faith isn’t anything important at all, then I’m terribly sorry. I’ve been fighting with that question lately too.

      I think we agree that God is sometimes overlooked by people focusing too hard on “Love”. When I say Love, I mean loving your neighbour as yourself. And you’re right, you can do that without having faith, so if that’s true, then what’s the point?

      My faith is in a God that loves me no matter what I’ve done. And that is, a lot of the time, really hard for me to believe, because I’ve done, and do, some pretty shitty things. I think without the living Jesus, this life would honestly be too hard. But every day, He gives me hope through His son that His love for us overcomes even death.

      I believe that God loves everyone unconditionally, whether they are aware of it or not. The thing that separates a Christian from anyone else, is the belief in a God that loves them to the point of dying for them. I think faith is not just believing that God exists … but believing that He loves you more than you could ever begin to comprehend.

      There is much more to say on that, but that’s just kind of where I stand on it. I’m not saying nothing else matters, I’m just saying that Love is more important than anything … and the greatest Love, is God’s love for us.

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