Its Nice To Finally Meet You

June 16, 2009 at 8:53 pm (1)

Where are you?THANK YOU. To Mark Laidman. I really have found an amazing friend in him, and having just gone to see his band Article One, its clear that he really has sacrificed an amazing thing to stay in London with his friends and family and the love of his life. I can’t even begin to describe how his presence here has effected everyone he’s come in contact with, and I’m so glad he’s officially here to stay. I also want wish the band an amazing, awe inspiring amount of luck in the future, because they clearly want SO badly for music to be their lives, and they have more than enough talent to make that happen. Its probably just a matter of time for them, and I hope the work pays off sooner rather than later.

For anyone who reads this blog, you can go check them out here. They’re awesome.


Where am I and where am I going next.

This love thing is easy, but its hard. Its big, but its small. It really is everything, which kind of assures me that God is Love, and Love is God, because its too big for it to be anything else but God. You know, Love God, Love Your Neighbour, Love Yourself. Love Love Love. Jesus Loves you this I … know …

I really do Love God. I truly recognize the importance of Loving my neighbour, and I try really hard to do that on a regular basis. I also try really hard to love myself through all of my insecurities, I even try to do that in the knowledge that Jesus Loves me, but then I realize the thing that’s most important is the hardest to believe.

Jesus Loves Me? That’s where I need to stop and think.

It seems backwards that the most important things, the things we hear the most often, are the things we most often overlook.

Jesus died for our sins. You are forgiven. Jesus rose and is alive today. Jesus lives in you. Jesus loves you unconditionally.

These things barely make any sense, because they’re so invisible. Jesus died for our sins … before I was even alive. I am forgiven, before I even commit. Jesus rose and is alive today, but I can’t see Him. Jesus Loves me unconditionally? Nobody loves unconditionally. It all seems so impossible.

Its hard to live like the Jesus I’ve heard about, because it all seems so impossible.

However, I’m also told that all things are possible in Christ … so where does that leave me?

If Jesus can literally do the impossible, and Jesus lives in me, then that gives me quite a bit of potential doesn’t it?

This is my challenge to anyone reading this. Love the way Jesus has taught us to love, and do it in Jesus’s name, because you have that authority. You say you want to meet Jesus? You are. Every day, in every person you meet. Because Jesus lives in them too. The only way you’re ever going to meet the person of Jesus is in other people. Jesus is living inside the person you hate, and He is guiding that person to love you, whether you like it or not. That person you hate, in the deepest pits of their souls, Loves you. Its hard to grasp, but its true.

Its hard not to feel judged by other’s … because I’m always judging them, so why wouldn’t they judge me? Its hard to not feel hated by some people … because I’m hating them, so why wouldn’t they hate on me? Its hard to feel like Jesus could ever love me unconditionally … because am I really unconditionally loving Him? Or am I only loving Him, assuming I get what I want?

The less I judge, the less I feel judged.
The less I hate, the less I feel hated.

The more I love the Jesus living in other people, the more I start realize that Jesus really does love me, and he’s loved me this whole time. Even when I thought it was impossible.

All of a sudden, it seem obvious.

I’d love to here what you think of all of this. Please comment if you feel so inclined.



  1. Joy said,

    Hey Alex it’s Joy 🙂

    We haven’t talked in a while, I somehow stumbled upon this blog when I was dinking around on the internet. I read a few random entries and they were really inspiring. I’ve been really stressed because of school, life, w/e, and reading these made me feel more .. peaceful i think. it took me a while before I realized it was … well, you haha, so I just wanted to leave a hi.

    anyway, take care and good luck with everything!

  2. whateverthatmeans said,

    Hah! Thanks Joy, its good to hear from you. I hope everything goes better at school and that you find a little bit of peace.

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