I am an amateur.

June 20, 2009 at 7:08 pm (1)

worship? This is sort of a continuation of my last post … First thing, I don’t think love is the only important thing. I just think its the MOST important. There’s a difference. I have to be honest, if I’ve ever seemed like faith isn’t anything important at all, then I’m terribly sorry. I’ve been fighting with that question lately too.

I think we agree that God is sometimes overlooked by people focusing too hard on “Love”. When I say Love, I mean loving your neighbour as yourself. And you’re right, you can do that without having faith, so if that’s true, then what’s the point?

My faith is in a God that loves me no matter what I’ve done. And that is, a lot of the time, really hard for me to believe, because I’ve done, and do, some pretty shitty things. I think without the living Jesus, this life would honestly be too hard. But every day, He gives me hope through His son that His love for us overcomes every mistake I’ve ever made.

I believe that God loves everyone unconditionally, whether they are aware of it or not. The thing that separates a Christian from anyone else, is the belief in a God that loves them to the point of dying for them. I think faith is not just believing that God exists … but believing that He loves you more than you could ever begin to comprehend.

I, as a person, am a bit of a wreck. I think most people are bogged down in all the shit of their lives. I think God weeps with you every time you hurt. And I think God weeps for all of the pain of his creation, rich or poor, man or woman, black or white, Christian or not. I don’t think it is our faith that heals the pain in the world. I think loving each other like Jesus Loves us would do the trick, though.

If I had to say it simply, I think that Faith is the epitome of opening up to God and allowing Him to work through you. I think that without Love though, without His Love for us, without our Love for each other … without our freedom in God’s Love, without our making mistakes and living fulfilled lives through those mistakes and through our questions and doubts, then we’re nothing.

Apparently, Amateur comes from the latin word “amator”. Which means … to do something for the love of it, not because its just another way to get by in life.

I think we should be Amateur Christians. I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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  1. Lauren said,

    That made me smile really big 🙂

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