February 17, 2010 at 9:47 pm (1)

yup.So, I’ve figured out where I stand on that verse, but I really don’t feel like writing it all out, because it confused the heck out of me for a long time and I’m done dealing with it. I tried writing it out, and I have a lot of disorganized thoughts on a piece of paper, so its not really worth posting.

Scripture, I’ve realized more fully than ever in the past little while, goes much deeper than just a book full of things that Christians believe. I WILL say though, that I don’t think “Never eat with sinners” is what we should get out of that, despite the fact that that’s what it says. Which kind of speaks for the fact that you can use scripture to condone just about anything, but that doesn’t make it right.

So please … PLEASE stop quoting scripture at me just to prove me wrong. If its your form evangelism, you need to rethink what evangelism even is. I’m all for being challenged in what I believe, but when it stops becoming about the conversation and starts becoming about being right, I’m out.

In my first entry ever on this blog, I wrote that this collection of words is simply a record of wars between the devil and God that are raging inside me every day. This blog has always been about the conversation and the struggle for me, not about being right.

If you disagree with me, feel free to comment, but not in a way that is to shoot what I say down. When you have these kinds of conversations in love, it means you recognize the possibility that you might be wrong. That you might not have all the answers. For me, I’ve been profoundly aware of that from the beginning. Without the realization that you might be wrong, there’s no way you can possibly be respecting the opinion of anyone you disagree with. I’m tired of hearing people say that they love me, when they don’t even respect anything I say. That’s not love. That’s crap.

So, to all you Christians. When you’re having conversations with other Christians about what you believe, take the jump down off your pedestal, and take into account that you are no better than the people you disagree with. Mutual respect for one another is the only way you’ll be able to TRUELY love someone without having to kill yourself trying.

I’ve stopped trying to love people, I just do, because I respect them. The only people I’m still having trouble with, is the people who just can’t find it within themselves to respect the people who they think are wrong. But I’m trying.

So try it.



  1. Matt Ross said,

    But doesn’t it say in Leviticus 3: 14…lol jk man. I dig that you actually write what your thinking and feeling so well man. And honestly, I know i’m preachin to the choir here, but why do people find it so important to be right, who cares, honestly. It just confuses me, because if christianity is partly about occasionaly suffering for the sake of love, can’t we all suffer a little bit of ego burn by NOT correcting people and NOT trying to save people and just love em and let them be? Okay I’ll get off my pedestal now lol.

  2. whateverthatmeans said,

    haha! Thanks for the comment matt.

    its definitely a bit of a paradox, that a pretty rampant idea of “loving” people, can mean to disrespect what they believe so much that you wish they would change their beliefs to better resemble your own. Maybe we can just let other Christians believe whatever is it that they believe without disrespecting them for it, even if it hurts our ego a little bit. Maybe we can just love people without worrying about them … “being saved” or something.

    And I guess I should probably get off mine.

  3. becky said,

    hey, you don’t know me, but i came across your blog from nakedpastor.
    anyways, i’ve been reading through your blog and some of what youve written really resonates with me…
    also, i was hoping you’d write your thoughts on that last verse…. because stuff like that really kills me sometimes, and i was curious how you found resolution or ok-ness around it. maybe someday?

    • whateverthatmeans said,

      becky: thanks for reading, it really means a lot to me.

      I might post that stuff to be honest. It was just so disorganized that I didn’t bother, but maybe I should make the effort to organize it

      With that verse, I encourage you to keep reading through 1 Corinthians, even until you get to 2 Corinthians. Because 2 Corinthians chapter 2 has a response from Paul to the same incident, but with a different solution. Obviously when Paul goes back on himself like that, if that is in fact what he’s doing, it opens up a whole new bouquet of questions. Either way, the end of the process is forgiveness in this case.

      But that just barely scratches the surface. Its probably more complicated than that.

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